Top businesses to Start with One Hundred Thousand Dollars

If you have $100,000 and want to invest this amount into a profitable business, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will provide you with some highly recommended business ideas, which you can start with 100 thousand dollars.

Bookstore and Stationery Business

Starting a bookstore is a great idea, especially when you have sufficient funds. You can sell both new and old books at your store. In fact, old books are in great demand and offer a good profit margin. You can also create an online portal or e-commerce site to sell books online.

After gaining a good reputation, things will go smoothly. In addition to books, you can also include stationary to expand your business. For this particular business, you need to look for a proper place or location. Your initial expenses include shop rent, hiring an employee, and ordering books and stationery items.

Home Renovation Business

This business is an ideal option if you have a budget of 100 thousand dollars. With this amount, you can establish a company, buy equipment/logistics, and obtain authorization. Most of the services offered by home renovators require a specific license to operate.

Hence, when planning such a business, include all these expenses into your overall initial cost. If you are starting this type of business on a small scale, you need two to three employees. However, when the business grows, you can increase the number of your workers.

Chiropractic Clinic

If you are in the health field, you can easily start a chiropractic clinic for around 100K. Granted, you aren’t going to have all the bells an whistles, but it will allow you to get a space, your basic equipment need to treat patients, and cover your insurance as well. You’ll need to continue to reinvest to grow your practice and scale up your business, but according to Peak Health, a chiropractic office in Kissimmee, it can be done on a shoestring budget if needed.

Taxi Service

This is the business, which doesn’t require any kind of specific business place to hire. What you need is a car that you can use as a taxi. If you can buy a luxury car, you may also start an expensive chauffeur service for the executive clients.

You can buy a couple of good vehicles within 100 thousand dollars. Hence, you can start a company later on adding more cars to the fleet. However, you need a specific permit and driving license to run your taxi service business.

Home Cleaning Services

Just like any other business, starting home cleaning services at a small scale is a viable option. To start with, you can hire a couple of employees and buy equipment. Moreover, to transport your workers, you need a vehicle. You can easily manage your initial expenses within the 100 thousand dollar mark.

Furthermore, you need to apply for the insurance of your company and the workers. This is essential, as it will protect your company if your workers accidentally got injured or damage your client’s property.

Grocery Store

With a budget of $100,000, it is possible to start your own grocery store. However, you can’t think of starting a huge superstore with this amount. Yet it will allow you to set up your grocery store business at a reasonable scale.

You can even start delivering grocery items to the local residents. It is a great way to boost up your business. Moreover, you can also offer your products online by creating an online portal to receive the orders.

For home delivery, you may initially use your own vehicle. However, once your business is in top gear, you can buy a van for this purpose.

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